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Laser Dentistry

Application of Laser in daily practice

  • 1 h
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  • Orange County Prosthodontics

Service Description

Application of Laser for cavity removal: Laser cavity removal, also known as laser dentistry, is an innovative technique used by some dentists for the treatment of dental cavities. This approach involves the use of a concentrated beam of light, typically a dental laser, to remove decayed tooth structure and prepare the affected area for a filling. Laser technology in dentistry has gained popularity due to its potential benefits, which may include: Reduced need for anesthesia: Some laser treatments may be less painful than traditional methods, reducing the need for local anesthesia in certain cases. Minimal damage to surrounding tissue: Laser technology can target and remove the decayed portion of the tooth while minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tooth structure, which can help preserve more of the natural tooth. Reduced risk of bacterial infection: High-energy laser beams may help sterilize the treated area, potentially reducing the risk of bacterial infection during the cavity removal process. Faster healing: Some patients experience faster healing and recovery times compared to traditional methods, as lasers can promote blood clotting and stimulate soft tissue regeneration.

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